Teasley & Associates represents many different manufacturers of food service packaging. With this manufacturing partnership and our years of experience and knowledge of the industry, we specialize in solving your food service packaging needs.

Throughout the Teasley organization we continually try to sell the"full line" of the manufacturers we represent. By expanding the product mix from our manufacturers into our distribution and end user market we sell the strength of our manufacturers, which is the broadness of their product lines.

Anchor PackagingAnchor Packaging’s product line includes upscale take-out packaging used for merchandising prepared ready-to-heat microwaveable meals in supermarkets, take-out containers in restaurants and other foodservice operations, deli cup containers, all-purpose cling film rolls and cutter boxes. Their Crisp Food Technologies® containers keep fried foods hot & crispy for 30-minute deliveries while maintaining food texture and temperature. Culinary Classics®, MicroRaves®, Incredi-Bowls®, Gourmet Classics®, Microlite®, and Safe Pinch® Tamper Evident Containers are among Anchor’s unique product lines. Click View Anchor Packaging Slide Show for photos of their Culinary Classics line.

Bamboo Studio offers reusable BambooWare which retains all the strength and beauty of bamboo with the added benefits of durability and sustainability. The product is eco-friendly, biodegradable, dishwasher safe, all-natural, and is FDA & EU approved. Custom imprinting and designs are available.

Bardes Plastics, Inc. has been in business since 1951 and is a manufacturer of stock, custom and seasonal thermo-formed plastic containers. Their complete line of holiday containers can handle anything you need to sell with holiday-inspired style and class. Whether you are looking for football or spring or Halloween or Christmas, Bardes has the themed container you are looking for. With Bardes they are "Big enough to do it all--small enough to do it now.".

BoxTech supplies full line corrugated pizza box programs to the foodservice distribution community, and they strive to be the premiere pizza box supplier in the industry. BoxTech is partnered with one of the largest fully integrated corrugated companies in the United States, which gives all of our customers the quality and consistency they deserve. With a product offering of custom pizza boxes, generic pizza boxes, and specialty packaging items their focus on servicing this niche market is unmatched.
Brown Paper Goods Brown Paper Goods
Brown manufactures high quality paper, duplex, grease resistant, foil, deli and waxed bakery bags as well as grease resistant sheets, waxed sheets, foil laminated sandwich wraps, and pan liners.  Brown also produces bakery tissue, interfold deli sheets, freezer and butcher paper rolls and sheets, and steak paper.  Brown also offers cello sheets and bags, tin tie bags, and glassine bags.  The bags offer a wide range of sizes from french fry bags to french bread bags with or without panels.  The sandwich wraps come in various sizes and colors and stock designs.  Special printing is also available. Custom prints are their specialties.
Cello-O-Core Cell-O-Core Company has been manufacturing flexible sticks, beverage stirrers and cocktail straws for use worldwide for more than 50 years. It offers 7- and 5-inch ribbed extra-heavy, white and red, and 5-inch round extra-heavy, solid brown hot beverage stirrers. The company additionally sells jumbo and giant bulk and wrapped beverage straws. Cell-O-Core Company also sells a line of swizzle sticks, 8-inch Collins and 4-inch frappe straws, plastic arrow and sword and wooden picks, steak markers, and regular and club frills. The company additionally provides online information about various promotional items that it sells. Cell-O-Core Company is located in Sharon Center, Ohio.
EMI Yoshi is a manufacturer of premium quality plastic dinnerware. Their products combine the look of exquisite china with the affordability of disposable plasticware. EMI Yoshi offers individual collections of full-sized and miniature dishes, drinkware, barware, tableware and servingware that makes food look as delicious as it tastes and lets you take your entertaining to the next level with ease and elegance. To accompany their line, EMI Yoshi also offers a full range of catering platters and bowls and lids each designed to fulfill all your plastic tableware needs and ensure the high quality you desire.

Form PlasticsForm Plastics Company: Meal Packaging Systems
Form Plastics Company is a company that specializes in manufacturing rigid plastic containers. Although we make containers for a variety of different market segments, the majority of our business concentrates on food service customers. We are a one-stop-shop for all your needs as it relates to a large variety of plastic containers, DuPont heat seal lidding film and the machines that are needed to seal the containers.  Form also offers a complete line of biodegradable/compostable Grab & Go folded cartonboard packaging.

Green Wave

Green Wave International, Inc.
Green Wave is a manufacturer of compostable tableware and take-out containers and cutlery. They are committed to responsibly serving every aspect of food service while properly cycling it back into the earth. Green Wave offers various product lines to meet all your food service needs. Their product line items are made from sugarcane, bamboo, cornstarch and/or gluten free wheat stalk. Green Wave is FDA approved and meets all ASTM and BPI compostable standards. Green Wave's desire is to provide environmentally friendly tableware.

Handi-foilHFA manufacturers all types of foil ware, take-out containers, serving trays, handle pans, non-stick foil ware, foil pop-up sheets, and foil rolls. They also make laminated and dome lids.  Some of the more popular items are as follows: 1/2 steam table and full steam table pans at various depths, 1 lb. and 2 lb. loaf pans, extra large rectangular roasters, 7" and 9" round containers, oblong 3 compartment trays.  You can purchase them in combo packs with laminated lids or containers only. Graphic Packaging International is the premier supplier of paperboard packaging to the fast food industry. They accomplish this by responding to the present and long term needs of customers. GPI currently has a stock cold cup line, which consists of 5 ounce through 44 ounce double poly cold cups with lids, as well as 4 ounce through 24 ounce hot cup line with lids. They also offer food trays in, 2 / 4 cup drink carriers,French fry cups,plates, Popcorn,Vending,Ice cream cups. Special print quotes available upon requested. GPI is now featuring this NEW ECOTAINER HOT CUPS.

JanicoJanico® Janico Manufacturing is a one-stop shop for commercial janitorial supplies. They specialize in cleaning supplies from sponges and scour pads, to mops and brooms, to handles, buckets and microfiber, and everything in between! Janico is committed to high-quality products.


PanSaverPanSaver® ovenable pan liners, promote food safety and enhance food quality.  PanSaver® ensures a clean pan surface every time and has been proven to keep food holding temperatures an average of 20°F warmer than food held in unlined pans. PanSaver® reduces surface and cross-contamination and increases HACCP compliance.  PanSaver® has the only pan liner with patented Contour Fit technology. Our pan liners are tailored to fit the contour of each pot or pan perfectly. Contour fit prevents servings from being “lost” in the corners of the liner, which ensures full profit from each pan of food you serve.

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